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Felwood Holding Company is a group of diversified businesses and assets with sizable international footprint. Our subsidiaries and affiliates operate in several industries, including telecommunications, contracting and contract management, natural and spa products ,renewable energy and solutions , Education and Trading.

Company Goals

Felwood Holding strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of the local, regional and global market dynamics.



Instead of imposing a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution, we adjust our expertise to fit the requirements of each project. This flexibility allows us to take advantage of new technologies.


Creativity is what it's all about. This is how we create a solution that will perfectly fit the client's individual needs.


The large-scale projects we take on for our customers demand widely differing areas of expertise. For each project we put together a team, carefully selecting people with complimentary skills.

Field Knowledge & Innovation

No amount of theory can take the place of knowledge gained out in the field. Our solutions have to function reliably in many different and difficult environments.